Payment Solutions

Payment solutions are a vital part of the iGaming business.

Especially in todays’ cross border transactions involving EU / Non EU countries or other continents, reliable payment solutions are rare.

Together with our financial services partner we combine iGaming specific / financial services specific knowledge to tackle todays legal and regulatory challenges for the iGaming industry in various jurisdictions.

We provide AML (Anti Money Laundering) compliant payment (pay in and pay out) solutions for the retail and online betting industry, including remittance of funds to the iGaming operator. Through our partner we provide worldwide multi currency payment processing, issuing & acquiring, open / closed loop systems and e-wallet payment services.

Bigger iGaming customers or iGaming group of companies we support in setting up their own Financial institution or electronic money institute. We help from either acquiring a target company or setting up a financial institution from scratch. This involves among others the licensing process, writing the business plan, to set up shop in Malta (incl. employees), writing of relevant frameworks and policies etc.

For the German market we provide a GWG-E (German Geldwäsche Ergänzungsgesetz) compliant payment solution. This solution enables cash in and cash out transactions in betting shops and various payment solutions for online- / mobile transactions. We also provide consulting and implementation re (extended) organizational and duty of care obligations.

For non German markets we provide worldwide AML compliant & lawful classic and creative payment solutions for both, pay-ins and pay-outs. These payment solutions are state of the art.

The latest market developments show that credit card issuer take additional fees from gaming customers, who are depositing cash into the players accounts. The argument by the issuers is that these kind of pay in transactions are similar to cash withdrawals at ATMs and thus incur an additional fee. Our solution helps iGaming providers to circumvent this fee for their customers and thus help to reduce customer complaints.