igaming / fintech /digital Investments

Premier Manco seeks investments into early, expansion and late stage companies within the online igaming sector, but also within other fast growing service sectors like fintech and digital.

We are always interested in innovative ideas from these sectors, as long as there is growth potential through a digitally scalable product. The companies we invest in are usually set up in Europe (Germany, UK, Malta) and the product be offered in EMEA or Africa.

We have extensive enterpreneurial experience and a good contact network in the iGaming-, fintech- and digital sector. This experience and network helps us always to bring the right people to the table, when it comes to investment into an innovative company.

The funds for these investments are always readily available and once we have decided to go ahead with an investment, we are usually moving very fast.

When you think that you have such an innovative company and you are interested in a strategic partner, then we would like to hear from you.